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Saint Emilion : the new cellars of this decade :

20 August 2021


Saint Emilion : the new cellars of this decade :

            This year 2021 is rich in inaugurations of  Saint-Emilion Chateaux’s technical capacities which are turned to be atechnical and architectural prowesses.

The Chateaux of Saint Emilion open the new cellars which are works of famous artichects and architectural agencies.

And it’s not surprising because in 2022 the classification of the wines of St Emilion will be revised. 

            Château Figeac and Château Troplong Mondot which aim for class 1 group A, have invested tens of thousands million Euros for their new cellars.

            Château Troplong Mondot’s  new cellar is conceived  by the agency of architectes Mazieres ( and agency Moinard/Bétaille for the décoration ). The château has been totally transformed since 2017 when the company Scor bought it.

            Or the circular building of Château « Le Dôùe » of two levels offers a 360 degree view of the vines is  signed by Norman Foster – architecte of Château Margaux’s cellar in 2015.

            The owner of the château a British Jonathan Maltus doesn’t conceal his intention  to enter the classification in 2022.

            Other chateaux  prepare themselves  as well for the classification. 

Château Fleur Cardinal of the family Decoster , Fleur de Lysse of Teycheney’s family transforme their cellars.

            The Château Belair Monange and the Château Trianon get started transformations.

The Suisse agency Herzog et Meuron work for Château Belair -Monange, 1er Grand Cru Classé group B , owned by Jean-Pierre Moueix.

The Château Trianon owned by Michel Ohayon sign the project with Zaha Hadid Architects.





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